Dogs are living, breathing, feeling creatures. They feel pain and they form bonds with each other and with us, people. This is a wonderful thing that can be a rewarding relationship for humans. So many people have dogs in their lives that they love, they walk them and stroke them and they take them for walks and they become part of the family. In the world of dog breeding however the relationship between humans and dogs is very different.


In the world of dog breeding these living, breathing, feeling creatures become the subject of production. They are objects to be made, and the process which makes the few that are adjudged good enough leaves a lot of pain and suffering along the way. And of course it will, because the world of competitive breeding, and perhaps any form of breeding whatsoever, dogs do not have any value simply as living things, dogs only have value in the value they can win the owner, whether in finance or simply in prestige. Because humans love prestige.




God do we love prestige. We’ll murder for prestige. We’ll dedicate our whole lives to prestige. We’ll sacrifice our personal lives and our family lives and our lives full stop for prestige. We’ll ruin lives for prestige. We’ll go to the ends of the earth and then submerge the rest in rubble and heat, just to feel a brief moment of prestige. This want is not some part of human nature, the only things inherent in  humans are potentials. We have the potential to cause great harm. We have the potential to be obsessed with victory and dominance. We have the potential to disconnect from each other and crunch through life as a single force. We have the potential for connection. We have the potential for empathy, for empathy on a mass scale. We have so much potential.

It is not our human nature that creates our behaviour. It is the systems with in which we live. The systems and cultures in which we live create us. A system built on competition always has the same results: suffering, callousness and deceit.