Dogs are a man’s best friend and can also be a woman’s best friend (obviously you stupid patriarchy you) and when you are particularly attached to your pooch it really can be quite half to leave them alone for even a SECOND. Am I right ladies? GOD I LOVE THAT DOG!


“This here is Shirley we named her after Jebs Aunt Shirly who lived down in Nashington over the forest there, she just loves to run around and sometimes I can’t keep up I’m jut like ‘Shirley! Hey! Slow down there Girl! You’re going to give¬†Mamma a stroke!’ But she just keeps running and I just go as red as the sun when it sets over the lake there when I’m chasing after her! But hell OH WAIT she wants a kiss, oh come here girl I lurve you!”

You know what it’s like, you just can’t be leaving your best friend alone or even worse in some one else’s hands. I hate the idea of my Moons (my dogs called Moon Dog she’s precious) being with some stranger or at some kennel or something she’s MINE and belongs with ME and no one else SO GET AWAY FROM HER.


We do this for three hours a day

But I’m going on holiday soon so need to sort out a million things but the one thing I can’t get sorted is what I’m going to do with Moon Dog. I’ve got the hotel booked (Holiday Pirates), found the cheapest flights (SkyScanner) and even found a cheep way of parking the car (Airport Parking Market) but taking dogs is still a tricky business even in this day and age.


It’s tough taking a dog on a plane. Most carriers, such as British Airways for instance, force you too make use of “pet travel agent” so that all risk of problems pre-departure are minimized. Agents such as Jets4Pets¬†will take care of everything for you, they will secure the booking, drop off your dog at the ominous sounding ‘Cargo Centre’ and sort out the documentation and vaccinations. Which is great. I guess. But it’s still someone else getting their hands on MY POOCH.


But I guess this is all part of learning how to maintain a healthy distance on your relationships. Well, I guess I’ll just have to get better at that. Ho hum.