Is Your Dog Suffering From Boredom?

Has your pooch been looking rather despondent of late? The tell tale signs of doggy boredom can creep up slowly.

When once your little Jack Russell would be making leaps and bounds to the front door to greet you, they now remain in their bed. Perhaps your faithful Black Labrador isn’t paying any more interest in his favourite toys or your usually sociable Collie refuses to greet his friends at the park.

These kinds of behavioural changes can occur over the period of a few weeks or even a few days and can be a shock at first. After all, many of us rely on our dogs as faithful companions, creatures that provide a comforting constant in our life. But before you despair and spend a tonne of cash on a Dog Therapist, there are a few ways to knock your pal out of his funk.

Here at Fly N Galee Northern Lights we have a proven method for dealing with this kind of ennui: a road trip to one of these 5 Ultimate Dog Walking Destinations:

Snowdonia, Wales

Wales is home to one of the most accessible mountain ranges in the United Kingdom. There’s ample space for your dog to run wild and usually a good number of other dog walkers, so you’ll be able to make some new friends along the way. If you’re really looking to blow your dog’s mind, take him up the Snowdon Ranger track. This route blends steep inclines with some easy going flat terrain, giving him a great chance to stretch his legs.

If you’re not keen on getting lost in the wilderness then there are plenty of other great places to visit in North Wales.

Lake District, England

Precariously perched on the West Coast of England lies the Lake District. Covering over 2,000 square kilometres, this National Park is renowned for it tumbling green mountains and hills that crumple together in a truly scenic manner. Whilst you might not be able to take your dog out onto the famous lakes themselves, there are many miles of easy to follow tracks that cater to every ability. The Lake District might well be a little out of the way, but they’re well worth the trip.

Whilst you’re in the neighbourhood, make a stop off at Kendall to purchase some of their world famous Mint Cake, you’ll need it after a long day’s hike!

Mourne Mountains, Northern Ireland

If you’re living in mainland Britain, then the notion of catching a ferry over to Ireland to simply walk your dog may seem a little barmy, but hear us out here! Your dog will be aware of the amount of miles that are increasing between your home and your destination; when they arrive at the Mourne Mountains they’ll feel like they’ve crossed an entire continent. The Mourne Mountains lie well off the beaten track, so you’ll want to make sure that you invest in some supplies before you head out to enjoy one of Ireland’s most scenic areas.

Whilst you’re in the area, don’t miss out on taking a scenic drive along the coast – wind down the windows and treat your furry pal to a blast of the fresh sea breeze.

Glen Etive, Scotland

Although your dog might not appreciate that the scenic roads that run through Glen Etive were featured in the Bond movie, Skyfall, you’ll no doubt recognise the iconic crags that lent the movie some of its quintessential Scottish atmosphere. Although you might be tempted to take your dog all the way up the huge backs of the mountains, that dominate the landscape, you’ll get better views if you stay down in the valleys.

If you’re making the trip all the way up from the South, then why not stay for a long weekend? Red Squirrel Campsite is close to Glen Etive and has a commanding view of the stunning scenery to boot!

Dartmoor National Park, England

Often overlooked as a dog walking destination, Dartmoor may well be blighted by some heavy winds and foggy mists but that’s no reason to let your dog miss out on all the fun! Huge climbable hills, known as tors, dot the verdant landscape providing useful landmarks for newcomers and significant challenges for dogs! The park is home to sheep, rabbits and ponies, so only well behaved dogs should be let off the lead.

Don’t forget to leave plenty of time to make your way back to the car – and always bring a torch!